Banx & Ranx , JP Cooper – Fire

An einem friedlichen Abend am Lagerfeuer mit einer Ukulele und einem Bier kam JP Cooper die Inspiration für seinen neuen Track “Fire”, den er zusammen mit dem Duo Banx & Ranx aufgenommen hat, die gemeinsam über einen heißen, verruchten Sommerabend singen.

“I started writing ‘Fire’ a couple of years ago on a summer day in my back garden with a beer and a ukelele. I wasn’t even trying to write but I stumbled across a little hook that made me smile. I made a little video of it so I didn’t forget it and ended up sending it to Banx & Ranx. I didn’t know where to take it but I thought their flavour would sound amazing on the track. About a year later, I flew to Montreal to hang with the guys and we finished the record together. This song just makes me smile. The whole experience from sitting in my yard to dancing around the studio with the guys was a joy. I’m excited to share that joy with the rest of the world. I hope it warms your spirits! 

JP Cooper

Quelle: Listen Up

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